In-Situ Metal Infiltration: Steel Infiltrated with Bronze

Grid Logic has developed a multi-material process that enables the fabrication of bronze infiltrated steel parts using a single heat treatment cycle. Using OPL technology, the steel part and infiltrant metal are printed in a build cartridge with a non-reactive supporting powder. The build cartridge is then processed using a two-stage heat treatment that first sinters the metal powders, and then infiltrates the sintered steel part with bronze. After cooling, the bronze infiltrated steel part can then be removed from the loose supporting powder.

Multi-material OPL Print

  • Support Powder:  Zircon

  • Part Powder: Steel Alloy

  • Infiltrant Powder: Bronze

Heat Treatment

  • Controlled Atmosphere Sinter

  • High-Temperature Infiltration


  • Remove part from loose support powder

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