GL-250 OPL Printer

Grid Logic's GL-250 Ordered Powder Lithography (OPL) 3D printer deposits multiple powders on a layer-by-layer basis to form a 3D ordered powder structure within an inexpensive re-usable build cartridge.


The OPL method uses powder metallurgy techniques to selectively sinter/consolidate materials by heating the entire build cartridge in a controlled atmosphere. After heat treatment, the part is removed from the unconsolidated supporting powder.

Technical Data

  • Maximum Build Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm x 200mm

  • Number of Materials: Three (standard)

  • Powder Nozzle Diameter: 3mm (standard)

  • In-process Mass Monitoring: 100mg resolution

  • Maximum Print Speed: 70mm/second (standard)

  • Open-air operation

  • Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 20A single phase

The OPL Printing Process

  1. Generate a multi-material toolpath using Grid Logic's OPL Toolpath Generator software.

  2. Upload the toolpath to the OPL printer.

  3. Start Printing: The printer deposits multiple powders within the same layer to form shapes, and repeats this process in each layer of the build to form a 3D, multi-material, ordered powder structure. 

OPL 3D printer