OPL Casting Molds: The "Lost Salt" Method

Grid Logic has developed a multi-material process that enables the fabrication of monolithic or multi-component casting molds using an open-air heat treatment followed by an aqueous rinse. Using OPL technology, a casting mold powder and a water-soluble powder are printed in a build cartridge with a non-reactive supporting powder. The build cartridge is then heated in open-air to set the mold material. After washing the mold with water to remove the water-soluble powder, the mold is dried and prepared for casting.

Multi-material OPL Print

  • Support Powder:  Zircon

  • Mold Powder: Zircon-based

  • Investment Powder: NaCl

Mold Set/Clear

  • Open-air Heat Treatment

  • Aqueous Rinse

  • Open-air Dry


  • Conventional casting in monolithic OPL printed mold

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