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Additive Manufacturing using Multi-Material 3D Powder Printing and Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) Technology

Grid Logic's Multi-Material Printhead

Binder-Free 3D Printing

No binders are ever needed to fabricate parts. 3D printed support powder maintains the shape of the part during printing and bulk processing.

Multi-Material 3D Printing of Powders

Three or more powders are printed on a layer-by-layer basis to form a 3-dimensional powdered structure.

Hot Isostatic Press Processing

Metal, ceramic, and multi-material parts are fabricated using hot isostatic press (HIP) processing methods.

Benefits include: 

  • Minimizes waste of high cost metal and ceramic powders

  • No residual stress in as-printed parts

  • No contamination from binders

  • Leverages HIP technology to manufacture complex fully-dense multi-material parts

Parts Gallery

Inconel 625 impeller with 316L fins

Inconel 625/316L

316L Impeller


multi-material nozzle with cooling channels

Inconel 625/CuCrZr

multi-material disc with magnetic sections

Inconel 625/Silicon Steel

multi-material machined 316L/Cu


Ti6Al4V turbine


Clients and Collaborators

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