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Metal Additive Manufacturing


Custom Manufacturing Systems

Grid Logic builds custom additive manufacturing (3D printing), 
in-process inspection, microwave induction heating, and similar systems that can be integrated with your production operations.

Metallic Component Production

We use our advanced manufacturing systems in house to fabricate specialized components, support low-rate production, and validate new technologies.  Custom-built systems can initially be operated at Grid Logic and transitioned when you are ready to incorporate the capability.

New Manufacturing Technology Development

Grid Logic is at the forefront of manufacturing technology innovation. We have developed new technologies for 3D printing, in-process inspection, and metal powder coating. We're known for our additive manufacturing technology using metal powders, wires and mixed materials.



Monitor quality in-process and after processing with Grid Logic's
non-destructive inspection technology.

Capture and analyze volumetric inspection data to create quality management and certification frameworks.

Metals Additive Manufacturing

Purpose-built additive manufacturing systems for fabricating parts from metals and other materials.

Microwave Induction Heating

Heat fine metallic powders, wires and surfaces with spatially-localized induction heating operating at MHz to GHz.


Clients and Collaborators


Grid Logic develops advanced manufacturing systems.

We build customized solutions for industrial additive manufacturing, inspection, and materials processing. We specialize in solutions for metal and advanced material component fabrication.

Industrial companies and government agencies work with Grid Logic to develop new manufacturing capabilities or enhance existing production lines. We provide low-rate production services for custom applications, prototyping, replacement parts, and manufacturing trials.  


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Work With Us

Grid Logic is always interested in hearing from talented individuals and potential partners that want to help us build the next generations of manufacturing technology.

To inquire about a job or contract opportunity at Grid Logic please send a cover letter together with your resume or service description to: