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Part Fabrication using Multi-Material 3D Powder Printing Technology

Design Multi-Material CAD Model

Complex parts are designed using multiple material components surrounded by a supporting powder that remains loose during all processing. No support structures or binders are required to maintain the shape of the part.

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Generate Toolpath

A multi-material sliced toolpath is generated using proprietary pathfinding software that automatically minimizes print time and optimizes the placement of multiple powders in the build. 


3D Print Multiple Powders

Grid Logic's patented multi-material printing technology selectively deposits multiple powders within the same layer to create a 3D powder structure within a build cartridge. Part-to-part qualification is achieved by measuring the mass of all powders during the printing process.

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Consolidate Powders

Multi-material parts and components are fabricated using conventional bulk powder processing techniques used to manufacture metal and ceramic parts.

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