Ordered Powder Lithography

Grid Logic's Selective Powder Deposition systems for Additive Manufacturing deposit multiple powders on a layer-by-layer basis to form a 3D ordered powder structure.


Benefits Include:

  • No binder needed to fabricate parts

  • Efficient use of high cost powders

  • Scalable to large build volumes

  • Open-air operation 

OPL 3D Printer
OPL 3D printer

Grid Logic's OPL printer is capable of printing multiple powders with precise geometries in three dimensions.


The GL-250 system is equipped with a 3-powder printhead and housed in an open-air enclosure. 


Grid Logic has developed a number of materials systems specific to the OPL process. In particular:

  • Infiltrated metal parts can be 3D printed and processed in a single heat treatment

  • Casting molds can be 3D printed and processed in an open-air furnace using conventional materials

Advanced R&D

Grid Logic's advanced R&D program is developing OPL toolpath generation algorithms to optimize the use of powder in a 3D print and minimize print time.


Autonomous, large-scale, OPL-based part fabrication systems are being developed for commercial and military use.

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